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Family Counseling

Share Homes provides counseling services to children, couples, and families who are approved for counseling sessions through Victim Witness. Providing insight, useful knowledge, combative tools, and support services for trauma-history and/or exposure. We are a team of professionals, including trained Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, providing services to local families.

Counseling Services

Co-Parenting Counseling

Co-Parenting counseling is counseling services for those who are sharing custody of their children while the parents go through divorce or separation. This counseling focuses on issues of working together in the best interest of the child. This collaborative process changes in family situations while emphasizing the importance of involvement and relationship building of both parties.

Victims of Crime Counseling

Many people in the San Joaquin/Sacramento Counties have been a victim to an assault, abuse, or death. Our licensed marriage family therapists have many years of experience in dealing with these traumas. Please call (888) 99-SHARE for an appointment with an intake counselor.

Post-Adopting Counseling

Adoption is a life long commitment to a child. During the adoption process counseling services can be used to help deal with concerns of change, loss and identity. Our licensed therapists have many years of experience with adoption related issues of loss, abandonment and identity which may arise through the adoption journey. Please call (888) 99-SHARE for an appointment with an intake counselor.

Our Licensed Therapists

Malcolm Berean, LMFT

Malcolm Berean, LMFT

Lic. # 38325

Malcolm Berean is a licensed family therapist in Lodi, California. Malcolm has been practicing for over nine years, and is experienced in helping children and families with a variety of psychological issues.

He takes an approach that is both caring and professional, providing a safe, trusting environment. He understands that overcoming personal challenges can be a difficult process, and he guides each client every step of the way.

Those who are in need of an experienced family therapist in Lodi, California (CA) should contact the offices of Malcolm Berean and schedule an appointment today.

Mary Molini, LMFT

Mary Molini, LMFT

Lic. # 38326

Mary Molini is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Lodi, California.

She specializes in working with people suffering from issues of anxiety and depression. As an experienced therapist Mary assists both children and their families in overcoming hardships and past traumas.

Her extensive training qualifies her to work with children and families who have undergone stress or are currently facing serious personal issues. Mary also has varied work hours which works well for working families.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to ask about our family services.

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