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Adoption Services

Share Homes adoption agency has helped facilitate over 127 adoptions. We help match potential adoptive parents with children needing permanent homes. We guide you in your dream to adopt children. Our agency has a very knowledgeable staff with many years of experience in the adoption field.

Joys of Adoption

My wife and I exhausted all options of conceiving a child. Our choice we made was adoption. As we started the journey toward the hospital to meet “our” newborn, our feelings of being anxious, excited and nervous were all wrapped up in one. As we drove along the roads of Tennessee we thought to ourselves, what would she look like? Would she be healthy? What color hair would she have? A new birth had occurred and we were blessed to become proud parents of a baby girl.

Our hearts were filled with gratitude and our prayers were answered. The moment we held her, we were overwhelmed by joyful tears that this special gift of love had brought to us. Unsure of the correct baby sizing, we bought an outfit that was sized for a toddle rather than a newborn. We still laugh about this 34 years later. Doug & Deborah Clark, Share Homes Founders

Make A Difference In A Child’s Life

Hundreds of California foster children are hoping to be adopted out of foster care. These include children who are waiting in receiving homes, group homes and foster  homes wishing for a permanent family to adopt them.  Why not expand your family while at the same time helping a child in need?

Benefits to Adoption

  • Create a life-long relationship.
  • Help a waiting child.
  • Welcome a new child into your family.
  • Keep siblings together
  • Make a difference in a child’s life.

Why Choose Us

  • We take a person centered philosophy in developing treatment plans and service delivery.
  • Professional and efficient staff to expedite your adoption process.
  • Caring professionals
  • Connect families to children by representing their home through established relationships with various counties.

Private Adoptions

Share Homes will soon be providing home studies to families that want to adopt through the replenishment process. Please contact us for more information.

Getting Started

Steps To Becoming An Adoptive Parent

  1. Adoption Orientation
  2. Pre-screening and Adoption paperwork
  3. Adoption Training
  4. Adoption Home Study
  5. Matching Process (if not conversion)
  6. Placement (if not conversion)
  7. Adoptive Placement
  8. Finalization
  9. Court

What You Will Need

  • Fingerprint clearances
  • DMV printout
  • First Aid and CPR Certified
  • Physical and TB test
  • Copies of auto, home and CDL
  • Copy of pet vac. If applicable
  • Water safety class (if the child is involved in water sports)

Share Homes was licensed as an Adoption Agency in both Sacramento and San Joaquin County in 2002. All potential adoptive parents must go through the Share Homes foster care program and become a certified foster home. The potential adoptive parent can receive adoptive placements through two different methods as listed below. Some potential adoptive children will be placed within the certified home and remain foster children until their birth family parental rights have been terminated. The adoptive home study for this particular child is known as a Conversion Home Study. Other adoptable children are already freed for adoption because their birth parents rights have been terminated. The adoptive home study for this particular child is know as a Placement Home Study. The Share Homes adoption workers attend Adoption Exchange meetings and adoption fairs where the social workers match up adoptable children with potential adoptive parents. Adoptive parents will soon have an opportunity to adopt outside of the foster car system. Please contact us for more information.

Adoption FAQ

  • Before you can adopt a child, you must first participate as a foster parent for at least six months. Thus, you need to be certified as both a foster parent and adoptive parent. To learn more about foster care, please visit our Foster Care FAQs.

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