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Real Stories From Real Families

"Don’t let fear keep you from having a family!"

Greg and Tracey were married for almost five years when they decided to start a family. 

They privately adopted their first child, Joshua, and were overjoyed to have a baby boy to raise as their own.  Soon they were ready to enlarge their family again.

During this time after driving by a Share Homes sign they agreed that adopting another child would make their family complete.  They were prepared by the Share Homes staff to become foster parents with the intent to adopt.  In 2 months, they proudly brought home Grace, a beautiful 11 month old baby girl, who had been in foster care soon after birth.

Sometime later they received surprising news.  Grace’s brother had been born and placed into foster care.  They decided to welcome Joseph to their family as well.  Greg and Tracey’s dream of a family had come together in an unexpected but beautiful way.  Tracey states, “Don’t let fear keep you from having a family!”

"It was absolutely worth it!"

Christine and Kevin recently celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary. They have enjoyed a life with children in their home since their first child, Abigail, was born with the assistance of fertility treatments. When Abby was five years old, they discussed having another child, but were hesitant to go through further fertility treatments.

Wanting to explore other options, they were introduced to Share Homes. They wondered if the process would be difficult, and they had many of the normal fears prospective adoptive parents have. While adoption can be a “hurry and wait” process, they said it was “absolutely worth it!”

One and a half years later, they were able to adopt Charlie, a precious three-year-old girl who won their hearts in two seconds flat.

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