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Meeting the needs of today's families.

Meeting the Needs of Today's Families

About Us

Non Profit Status

Share Homes, Inc. is a non-profit (tax I.D. #94-3042623) public benefit corporation incorporated and licensed as a foster care agency in Lodi, California in 1987 (#397004447). The Elk Grove office was licensed in 1999 (#347001320). The adoption license was received in 2002 (#397004448).


We are proud to be members of these organizations:

  • Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce
  • Lodi Chamber of Commerce

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In 1980, Doug and Deborah Clark moved to Lodi with their two adopted children, Amy and Adam. Having been in youth ministry his whole career, Doug felt led in 1987 to expand his services by starting an Agency for abused children. The New Testament states that true religion is to help the orphans and widows.

In 1986, the California State Legislature had just passed a bill which encouraged more people from the private sector to create non-profit organizations to assist the children in foster care. Mr. Clark believed that this would not only be a means to meet a need in the community, but also an opportunity to help children who are victims of abuse. He discovered that abuse in families so often was a cycle from generation to generation which was difficult to break. So Mr. Clark set his sights on helping to break this cycle of abuse by providing good, safe homes for foster children so they could go on with their lives and learn to be productive citizens of society.

After making the decision in January 1987, Mr. Clark launched a non-profit corporation, Share Homes, Inc. which also involved recruiting the first Board of Directors. Finally after spending six months researching, interviewing Executive Directors and Community Care Licensing employees, and personally typing all the application paper work on an IBM Selectric III Typewriter, the extensive application was submitted to Community Care Licensing.

On September 1, 1987, Share Homes was officially licensed to do business as a Foster Family Agency with the office headquarters located in downtown Lodi. In 1999 we expanded our services to Sacramento County by establishing a second office in the Elk Grove area. In the year 2002 Share Homes was licensed as an adoption agency. The agency has been providing supervised visitation services to birth families since inception. Counseling services and parenting classes are also provided through our agency.

We appreciate our families who have unselfishly dedicated their lives to assist children in need. As of 2010, Share Homes has helped over 1400 children, with 127 children going through the adoption process.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Share Homes Family Services to enhance the lives of children by assisting parents through the adoption and foster care process, supervised visitation, counseling and parenting classes with the continued goal of protecting children at all times.  

Our purpose is to enhance the lives of children by assuring a safe family environment for the child’s optimum growth.